Darryl has a growing portfolio of work with a variety of companies and agencies over the last 10 years as a Director of Photography. 

He's helped create content for companies such as Nike Canada during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, corporate videos for RBC, and award winning web campaigns for Bank of America with the ad agency Organic Inc.

Darryl's cinematography eye comes from training and assisting in a traditional film background on big budget commercials, music videos and long format films. 

Over the last 5 years, Darryl has moved towards taking on more projects that help promote positive social change and media that helps tell good stories. 

He's currently looking for projects and oppourtunities to delve deeper into the documentary genre, and cinematic outdoor filmmaking.

Darryl owns a Red Epic MX 5K digital camera package and basic lighting/audio kit suitable for a variety of productions.